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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

prp vampire facial
  • Used for the treatment of scar revision, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and hair loss
  • Your own blood that is spun down and separated to produce more than normal platelets.
  • Platelets are best known for their importance in clotting blood and contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors which are important in the healing of injuries.
  • These platelets are injected into the scalp for hair restoration – hair grows back thicker and shinier
    These platelets can also be injected anywhere there is skin to help restore collagen and elastin to improve skins texture, tone and youthfulness
  • May be used in conjunction with micro-needling

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Vampire Facial

The vampire facial, also known as microneedling with PRP, is a cosmetic procedure that involves drawing blood from your arm, separating platelets and applying them back onto your face. It triggers collagen production by stimulating the body’s natural wound healing response.

Who can benefit from PRP treatments?

Those with premature wrinkles, high levels of sun damage, or anyone who desires a fresher, more even-toned complexion are ideal candidates for the vampire facial.