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We know our job is to be here for you so you can relax and escape. With that in mind, we pay attention to every little detail and cater every visit to your needs.

"We've been covered in numerous publications such as Elle, Chatelaine, enRoute, the Downhomer, Flare, Atlantic Business, Spa Life, Wedding Bells, and 50 Plus."

Since Monastery Spa & Suites opened, we have always believed in the healing traditions of Ayurveda, and for that reason held close ties with Aveda as a brand. In 2012, when the original owner, Paul Madden, passed on the leadership role to his daughter, Kimberley, and her husband, Jason, one of the obvious opportunities to evaluate was strengthening that bond with Aveda and becoming an Aveda Concept spa.

After meeting with various key contacts from Aveda, it became clear that this pathway was the right one for the future of our business. The Aveda mission speaks directly to the values held by us here at Monastery Spa and Suites. We are committed to providing a exceptional experience backed up by a high performance product to our guests.

As well, Aveda puts a lot of energy into sourcing ingredients in an earth-friendly way that helps communities around the world while producing their incredible line of products. The environmentally sustainable practices they use are socially conscious and they focus on local and global improvement.

Finally, the level of education provided by Aveda will enable us to enhance the expertise of our amazing staff and ensure a consistently exceptional service level for our guests.

To learn more about Aveda, please see their website.

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