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Meet our Medispa Team

meet our medispa team

Lasting success in any organization is never the product of just one person. It is always a manifestation of a team effort – a family of dedicated professionals guided by a defined, positive mission and an insatiable desire for excellence. Monastery Spa’s esteemed reputation is a direct result not only of the leadership and vision of our talented management team listed below, but of a large and eager crew of industry specialists whose sole purpose is to make your Monastery Medispa experience unforgettable.

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Olga Drukarenko, medical aesthetician

It’s no secret that modern people strive to have beautiful, well-groomed skin at almost any age.
Fortunately, the development of science and modern technologies make it possible to achieve high results.

Medical aesthetician Olga has eight years of experience and is a professional in her field.
Olga carries out aesthetic correction of various skin types and imperfections using non-invasive methods such as cosmetic facial massage, chemical peeling, microneedling and more.

Olga is an International Medical Graduate (physician by education), so her priority is the health and safety of every person. Olga’s professional credo is to give quality of life. Olga will select the best care for all skin types and individually for everyone.