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Meet our Spa Team

meet our spa team

Lasting success in any organization is never the product of just one person. It is always a manifestation of a team effort – a family of dedicated professionals guided by a defined, positive mission and an insatiable desire for excellence. Monastery Spa’s esteemed reputation is a direct result not only of the leadership and vision of our talented management team listed below, but of a large and eager crew of industry specialists whose sole purpose is to make your Monastery Spa experience unforgettable.

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nicole stokes, certified aveda mentor

As Monastery Spa’s Certified Aveda Mentor, Nicole has channeled her natural leadership and motivational skills to help guide Monastery Spa’s family of Aveda professionals. With over 10 years of industry experience, her talents in beauty and aesthetics have been recognized both provincially and nationally, and now globally as an Aveda Mentor. “This is such an incredible experience for me. Aveda is on the cutting edge of everything from beauty and aesthetics to issues for cruelty-free product development and research, to global sustainability and clean water. I love what they stand for and how it compliments who we are and everything we do at Monastery Spa.”

Nicole’s drive and passion to innovate in all fields of beauty, wellness and empowerment is a natural reflection of Monastery Spa’s mission to always set new benchmarks of service and leadership for our clients.

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mandie stokes thomas, spa manager

In managing Monastery Spa, the largest Aveda Concept Spa in Atlantic Canada, Mandie has overseen a vast expansion of services and treatments, all the while advancing the Spa’s vaunted reputation as the pinnacle of beauty and aesthetics in the region. “Since I came on board five years ago, we’ve really explored how to make a Monastery Spa visit a meaningful, uplifting and empowering experience for our clients. It’s been such a joyful time for me, watching so many of our team blossom both as professionals in their fields and as people, discovering their true talents and what makes them happy.”

Mandie capitalizes on her considerable experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry to consistently innovate, drawing on lessons learned both as a teacher and manager of her own spa to push the boundaries of what is a spa experience. It is this vision and drive that consistently uncovers new approaches that invariably enhances Monastery Spa’s leadership in the industry.