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Aveda Pure Privilege


pure privilege℠
loyalty that rewards!

  1. You can earn FREE products by simply buying products. For every dollar you spend on products, you earn 10 points.
  2. You can redeem your points for more Aveda products. 
  3. Your points will add up more quickly than you think. Aveda has two Double Points weekends per year. Members also receive a Double Points for their birthday and when they enroll.
  4. Aveda will give you a birthday gift. In addition to the Double Points, you will receive a complimentary Composition Oil of your choice that can be redeemed in spa.
  5. You can use your points to go on vacation. The top tier reward is a three day resort stay in Antigua!

Pure Privilege is a membership rewards program that allows guests to earn points on all product purchases with Aveda salons and experience centers. That may sound like a standard rewards program but below are the things that make Pure Privilege truly unique.